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#MadeWithNovation 30 Years Competition - Winner

Congratulations to our 30 Years competition winner: Meeyebo! Here is his stunning entry to the competition.

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Snatch Numan : Well deserved, congratulations!
Random : Congrats. It's indeed stunning.
James Mitchell : I've had the circuit since it first came out its now my "go to" synth
Herbiarz : Fajne wideo, pozdrówki!
SynthBiker : I wish I had a fishing boat and not a bike : D Congrats, great content!

How to make lo-fi beats on the Circuit Rhythm with Taetro // Novation

​@Taetro walks us through making lo-fi beats on the Circuit Rhythm. Giving you an in depth look at making music using our Circuit Rhythm, to create a classic Taetro chill lo-fi beat.

The 2.0 firmware update brings more flexible beat making with editable Grid FX, Beat Match, and Sample Record functionality.

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00:00 - Intro
00:12 - First Layer
00:51 - Chord Progression
01:52 - Rhythmic Sample Loop \u0026 Beat Match
03:07 - Drums
04:26 - Filter
05:18 - Grid FX
06:06 - Performance \u0026 Live Effects
07:12 - Melodic One Shots
07:56 - Bass
08:38 - Live Sampling
11:17 - Sidechain
12:52 - Outro

#WeAreNovation #Novation #Taetro #NovationCircuit #CircuitRhythm #Circuit #FirmwareUpdate #CircuitFirmwareUpdate #CircuitUpdate
No Destination Really : Beautiful. If you wanted to, could you plug in that bass back there to the Circuit Rhythm and record a bass loop?
Jorn2u : I have a question about how you route your audio. I'm running into an audio quality issue on my Circuit Rhythm, when I'm trying to run the audio of other devices in to the Rhythm. Specifically I have a Roland J-6 that I want to use in unison with the Rhythm. Where I want the audio to end in the Rhythm, to use the Grid FX and the filter.

I see you only use one cable as a line-in to sample your synth. And the audio quality seems perfect. When I only use the Line-in (mono) the audio quality is really poor.

I thought the issue might be that I wasn't using both L and R line-in sockets. But your video seems to disprove that.

Got any idea why I'm running into the poor audio quality?
Heathcliff : LoFi bRaH!!

Electric Cherry Performs 'MOI' // Novation

Electric Cherry has collaborated with us for a performance of ‘MOI’ the lead single from their second album, ‘Planet Love Stories’ (Chinese written name: 《星球爱情故事》).

Electric Cherry shows us the diverse performance functionalities of our instruments as they work effortlessly to blend a variety of styles in this live performance of 'MOI'.

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Apple Music, Spotify, NetEase Music and QQ Music: 电气樱桃
Instagram: @electriccherryofficial
Facebook: @ElectricCherryOfficial

#WeAreNovation #Novation #ElectricCherry #Music #Performance #Live #LaunchpadPro #Launchkey #Peak #MiniNova #bassstation2 #SLMKIII #CircuitRhythm
curtrod : 好听
A J : the sounds give so much chills, completely wrapped in the soundscape..
Synth Singer : They don't have a youtube channel? Great band!
Lux Obscura : Good band!
Anton Kuznetsov : stellar production




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